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Decorated Commonplace Anthology

My Aunt in Australia recently sent me a lovely notebook.

Notebook cover

Now, usually in the past when I give in to the temptation to buy a pretty notebook, or I've received one as a gift, I've been a bit stumped for what to do with it. Sometimes I tried to use them as a creative writing book, but as I never really stick with stories they'd end up unfinished and unused. Once or twice I'd try to write a diary, and never keep it up very long. A few have become RP books - so those have all been filled up! You can blame Kathryn for that.

The first page is the hardest, don't you find? A fresh new book, blank and pristine- whatever you write on the first page is going to mar it forever, and set out what the rest of it must be. But I had a bit of a brain wave this time. Since I've been getting into poetry just recently, I thought I could collect my favourites by copying them in and decorating them. (The decorating idea came from a scene in the BBC two episode film Longitude). It also occurred to me I could keep quotes and lyrics and other things in there.

With a little digging on the internet, I found that the latter is called a Common Place book (so named, I assume, because you create a common location for meaningful quotes from your wider reading to make it easier to access them). Meanwhile the poetry collection I guess is essentially an anthology. So, it's a bit higgledy piggledy but I'm calling this my Decorated Commonplace Anthology.

The first page is a quote beloved by many of us geeks...
DCA page - Wash quote

And the second is the lyrics to one of my favourite Vienna Teng songs. (It's soppy but Kate and I consider this to be 'our song').
DCA page - Teng lyrics

So what do you think?
Page updates will be tagged with Decorated Commonplace Anthology.